Paella in Edison

This is Knut Christiansen. He owns Paellaworks, who provided the fine paella at Slough Food.

Black and white over the slough, from our picnic table. The slough is tidal, and this was clearly high tide.

Edison’s most famous son. The mural is based on a photo of Edward R. Murrow when he played basketball for the local high school.

Tweets, a local cafe. A fine place for breakfast.

The Hangtown Fry

hangtown fry

At the Wandering Goose, Seattle.

The origins of this dish go back to the California Gold Rush. Placerville, a town in the Sierra foothills, was also known as Hangtown. A gentleman, flush with gold, came in to a restaurant and allegedly said, “Give me the most expensive thing you have!”

The result was this: Oysters, pork belly, soft-boiled eggs, all on top of a bed of potatoes. At the time, it was the eggs that were regarded as the true extravagance.